Friday, June 3, 2011

Post-Surgery Update

The nurse came out and updated us at least every hour and she went on and off the heart and lung machine very well and they were able to repair the hole with her own tissue rather than a synthetic material which is great.  She was in surgery for a little under 4 hrs.  They let us spend a few minutes with her before they took her up to the CICU and got her settled there.  After about an hour we were able to go up and now are with her all the time.

She is still sedated, she did start to wake up a little once and was very agitated and was trying to pull the canula out of her nose.  My guess is that she didn't know where she was and the effects of the medication made her very anxious.  They gave her a little morphine and she was out again.  They're going to try to just keep her sedated thru the night so she can rest more easily.  She's having very little ouput thru her drainage tubes so its possible they may even come out tomorrow.  The Dr. also said that come tomorrow morning they may be able to start removing some of the lines she currently has in. Now its on to recovery!