Sunday, June 12, 2011

Abby's Recovery

It's hard to believe that we were still in the hospital a week ago.  You'd never know by looking at her that she just had open heart surgery!  I'd say she is 80% back to normal and would probably be more so if we'd let her, but we do have to try and hold her back from doing all of the crazy things she'd like to be doing.  Her recovery has been nothing short of a miracle, never would we have thought she would be doing so well this quickly. 

Up until today she's been walking a little hunched over - I don't think she likes her shirt rubbing against the incision and she is extremely self conscious of it which I never would have expected.  She doesn't want to look at it and doesn't want anyone else to either.  A couple of nights she actually slept in the shirt she was wearing that day because she got so upset when I tried to take it off.  I felt so bad the other day when she said that if someone doesn't like her they would say "ha ha Abby has an owie" and I told her that no one doesn't like her, everyone loves her and she said "but someone that doesn't know me might not like me and they would say that".  Where in the world did that come from?

Today we went to Allouezfest and she got to see her friend Ava and later she got a visit from her friend Cece and she was thrilled, they played dressup for a while and even played a game of croquet! She'll still be home for a couple of weeks until she is healed and we are comfortable sending her back to daycare so it's nice when she gets these special little visits!