Friday, June 3, 2011

Surgery Day

We got to the hospital about 6am today to register and have her temp and blood pressure taken again.  All she kept saying was "I don't want any medicine" so we told her it was just a little juice and she would only have to take it one time.  She also wasn't very happy that she had to change out of her jammies and wear a hospital gown.

Giving her her DSi last night was a saving grace because it kept her really occupied and her mind off of everything.  They gave her some Versid (sp?) and about 30 minutes later, she was loopier than loopy.  We were so worried that she would be scared when they took her and I knew i'd be a blubbering fool so it was actually really kind of nice that once it kicked in she was definately in her "happy place".  When they took her from us to take her into the operating room, she was laughing hysterically and asking me why I had 3 eyes.

So, now the long wait begins - they hope to be finished by about noon and said they would be out at about 9 to give us an update.  At that time, the surgeon will be about ready to go in and do his part.  They came out after about 15 minutes and told us they had given her anesthesia, put in the breathing tube and ivs.  I believe the next step is putting her on the heart lung bypass machine at which time Dr. Woods will come in and do the repair - the repair is only supposed to take him about 35-45 minutes.  Will update when we know more.