Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Abby's Home!

Yeah!  We are all back home as of late yesterday afternoon.  Abby is doing incredibly well - way better than we could have ever dreamed or hoped for.  Even at the hospital yesterday morning she still wasn't really eating much, didn't want to go potty and would only take a few steps - the minute we got in the car she completely changed - She was singing along with the songs I put on my ipod for her and wanted a Happy Meal.  When we got home, she wanted to go see her new garden and she walked all the way there and back holding our hands but within about 10 minutes she was no longer holding on and was asking to ride her bike!  Needless to say we said "NO"!  Then she went over to the neighbors to see their dog, she plopped down on the grass to play with her and then got up without any help or even a wince.  She had a great nights sleep too - no one coming in to take her temp or check her blood pressure, she was as relaxed as she could be sleeping with her arms up over her head like she always does - except that I had thought that that was supposed to hurt - but not her!

We may have a very hard time trying to restrict her the next two week, but i'd say shes about 80% back to normal.  She even smacked her brother this morning when he tried giving her a kiss - such brotherly/sisterly love!

Thank you again for all your well wishes and prayers for her - they definately worked!